For Researchers


If you are a researcher or represent a site interested in enrolling patients on TAPUR, we want to hear from you! The study team will be evaluating sites throughout 2016 for study expansion in Spring-Summer 2017.

Sites interested in participating in TAPUR should complete our site questionnaire to help us learn more about your site and its research activities. The study team will contact those sites who have been selected for further evaluation.


How will TAPUR work?

A patient’s treating physician has results of a genomic profile of the patient’s tumor and determines that a study drug may benefit the patient.
The patient decides to participate in TAPUR and gives informed consent.
The Molecular Tumor Board —a group of experts convened by ASCO— is available for consult regarding the proposed treatment or to provide alternate treatment options.
A participating pharmaceutical company provides the study drug at no cost to the patient.
The patient is followed for standard toxicity and efficacy outcomes and data are collected for analysis.
The study’s Data and Safety Monitoring Board reviews results and determines whether a treatment is promising for a particular cancer and genomic variant.
ASCO publishes study findings in peer reviewed journals to inform clinical practice and future research.


TAPUR is now enrolling patients at cancer centers and networks across the country. Additional sites will be brought on throughout 2016 and 2017.

Network of Centers

General Overview of TAPUR